Aqsa Kashaf

About Me

My interests lie in the area of Networking Systems and Security. Currently, I am a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University(CMU). Before coming to CMU, I received my BS in Computer Science degree from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). During my undergraduate, I performed research on Internet Censorship and Incast Congestion in Datacenter networking.

Aqsa's Publications
A First Look at Third-Party Service Dependencies of Web Services in Africa
Jiachen Dou
Margarita Belova
Maria Apostolaki
Vyas Sekar
PAM 2023 -- The Passive and Active Measurement (PAM) conference, 2023
Protecting Smart Homes from Unintended Application Actions
ICCPS 2022 -- 13th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, 2022
Oh, What a Fragile Web We Weave: Third-party Service Dependencies In Modern Webservices and Implications
Carolina Zarate
Hanrou Wang
Vyas Sekar
Computing Research Repository, June 2018