Synergy Labs

The Systems, Networking, and Energy Efficiency (Synergy) lab is at the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. It is led by Professor Yuvraj Agarwal.

Our primary research interests are in the broad area of systems - especially at the intersection of hardware and software systems. In recent years, we have worked on topics related to Energy Efficient Computing in Buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Systems, with a significant cross cutting interest on Security and Privacy issues.


[Fall 2020/21] We are looking for 1 PhD student and 1-2 stellar M.S. or undergraduate students to join our lab. We have several relatively new projects in the Internet of Things and the Mobile Computing space, particularly looking at privacy and security challenges. We also have a newish project on EduSense, where we are building the classroom sensing fabric for the future of smart campuses classrooms! We also have a longer running project to build the software stack and the apps on top of it for IoT and Smart Buildings. The Research and the Publications tabs on the website summarize the current research directions of our lab. If you are awesome and are motivated to work on the exciting and socially relevant projects at the intersection of hardware and software systems, contact Yuvraj by email. If you are a PhD student, there are multiple programs at CMU that you can apply to and work with us. If you are already at CMU, please drop by Yuvraj's office.

What's new?

Our paper stuying the factors that make people install a COVID-19 contact tracing app has been accepted to Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC) 2021. Congratulations Tianshi, Camille, Sagar, Jackie!


Our paper on Capture: Centralized Library Management for Heterogeneous IoT Devices has been accepted to USENIX Security 2021. Congratulations Han and Abhijith!


Our paper on Smart Traffic Lights Optimization was accepted to the 2021 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things. Congratulations Prasoon!


Our paper studying the attributes on a IoT Security privacy label that affect consumers risk perception and their willingness to purchase has been conditionally accepted to Oakland (S&P) 2021. Congratulations Pardis and Janarth!


MLIoT, our ML System for closely coupled training and serving tasks for IoT Settings is accepted to IoTDI 2021. Congratulations Sudershan, Anurag and Prahal!

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Our lab is located at TCS 235, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.