[Spring/Fall 2024] We are looking for 1 PhD student and 1-2 stellar M.S. or undergraduate students to join our lab. We have several relatively new projects in the Internet of Things and the Mobile Computing space, particularly looking at privacy and security challenges. We also have a newish project on EduSense, where we are building the classroom sensing fabric for the future of smart campuses classrooms! We also have a longer running project to build the software stack and the apps on top of it for IoT and Smart Buildings. The Research and the Publications tabs on the website summarize the current research directions of our lab. If you are awesome and are motivated to work on the exciting and socially relevant projects at the intersection of hardware and software systems, contact Yuvraj by email. If you are a PhD student, there are multiple programs at CMU that you can apply to and work with us. If you are already at CMU, please drop by Yuvraj's office.

What's new?

Paper studying the efficacy of different IoT label complexity, particularly one with the US Cyber Trust Mark and QR code is accepted to CHI'24! Congratulations Claire, Dillion, Alexandra, Hamsini!


Paper on ThingPoll, a system to scaffold privacy negotiation for IoT device settings is accepted to CHI'24! Congratulations Haozhe!


Paper on Matcha, an IDE Plugin and system to help devs cereaet accurate mobile privacy lables is accepted to UbiComp 24! Congratulations Tianshi!


Paper on Kirigami, a framework to study the privacy implication of audio based sensing and an edge speech filter accepted to UbiComp 24! Congratulations Sudershan, Haozhe!


Professor Yuvraj Agarwal was interviewed with Bart Zeigler at Wall Street Journal about IoT devices and what consumers should think about when purchasing these devices, covering our IoT Security and Privacy Label research and the upcoming U.S. Cyber Trust Mark effort.


Paper on VAX (Video/Audio to X) that bootstraps privacy-aware sensors for human activity recognition is accepted to UbiComp 23! Congrats Prasoon!


Paper on context detection using temporal analysis and ontology is accepted to UbiComp 23! Congrats Sudershan and Prasoon!


Professor Yuvraj Agarwal attended the launch event of the "US Cyber Trust Mark" for IoT Devices at the White House. The live streamed event featured our video envisioning the consumer journey for an IoT label, and his statements on camera on our IoT label research at CMU. See the CyLab Article for details!


Congratulations to Tianshi Li on her faculty job search! Tianshi will join Northeastern/CS as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2024!


Paper on students' perceptions of smart classrooms is accepted to DIS 2023! Congrats Tracia, David, Prasoon!


Paper on our, ubiquitous sensing stack for smart buildings, which outlines our 4+ year design and deployment journey of 300+ sensors in TCS Hall is accepted to UbiComp 23! Congratulations Sudershan, Chen, Anurag, Mike and the entire team!


Paper on Ephemeral Ownership of IoT Devices (TEO) is accepted to MobiSys 2022! Congrats Han!


Paper on Pekaboo, a new programming framework for private IoT apps is accepted to Oakland S&P 2022! Congrats Haojian!


Paper on iOS Privacy Nutrition Labels uptake accepted to CHI 2022! Congrats Yucheng, Deyuan, Tianshi!


Paper on Privacy Protective Behaviors in Smart Homes accepted to CHI 2022! Congrats Haojian, Boyuan, Rituparna, Yaxing!


Paper on Protecting Smart Homes from Unintended Actions has been accepted to ICCPS 2022! Congrats Aqsa!


Brick Consortium Members announcement makes the news! HVAC Informed . Canadian Consulting Engineer . Commercial Construction and Renovation . ACH&R News


Brick Consortium Announces Inaugural Commercial Members: Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric, Mapped, Clockwork Analytics and Carrier! Really proud of the work the core members of our consortium have done over the past several years on Brick!


Overview paper on our journey of designing a security and privacy "nutrition label" for IoT devices is accepted to IEEE S&P Magazine ! Congrats Pardis and Janarth.


Honored to serve on the ACM MobiSys 2022 TPC! Submit your best work by Dec 20th, 2022!


Paper on understanding the challenges developers face when creating accurate privacy nutrition lables is accepted to ACM CHI 2022! Congratulations Tianshi and Kayla!


Paper on Marble, on Collaborative Scheduling of Batteryless Sensors with Meta Reinforcement Learning, is accepted to ACM BuildSys 2021 ! Congratulations Francesco, Bharath and Dezhi!


Bharathan Balaji (Now at Amazon) wrote a nice article on some of our early work on sensing, control and ML in smart Buildings. Keep up the good work Bharath! Amazon Science Blog Post.


Tianshi Li wins one of the CyLab Presidential Fellowships! Congratulations Tianshi!


Our paper on creating a tool `Honeysuckle' for Annotation-Guided Code Generation of In-App Privacy Notices is accepted Ubicomp (IMWUT) 2021. Congratulations Tianshi!


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) drafted a White Paper exploring mechanisms to establish confidence in IoT device security and proposed IoT labels as a potential method. Our response to their RFC and our IoT Label Design .


Our paper stuying the factors that make people install a COVID-19 contact tracing app has been accepted to Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC) 2021. Congratulations Tianshi, Camille, Sagar, Jackie!


Our paper on Capture: Centralized Library Management for Heterogeneous IoT Devices has been accepted to USENIX Security 2021. Congratulations Han and Abhijith!


Our paper on Smart Traffic Lights Optimization was accepted to the 2021 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things. Congratulations Prasoon!


Our paper studying the attributes on a IoT Security privacy label that affect consumers risk perception and their willingness to purchase has been conditionally accepted to Oakland (S&P) 2021. Congratulations Pardis and Janarth!


MLIoT, our ML System for closely coupled training and serving tasks for IoT Settings is accepted to IoTDI 2021. Congratulations Sudershan, Anurag and Prahal!


Congratulations Aqsa Kashaf on winning the IETF Applied Networking Research Prize for 2021 for our IMC 2020 work on charactering the 3rd party dependencies on the Web!


ClassGaze paper accepted to ACM CHI 2021! ClassGaze continues to build on our EduSense classroom sensing infrastructure, providing a preview of the classroom digital-twin idea our team is working on. Congrats Karan, Deval and the whole team.


The Wall Street Journal covers our IoT Privacy and Security Label work! Wall Street Journal . Local Archived Copy .


Our IMC paper on analyzing 3rd party depencies in the Web is getting some press! ZDNET . Times Hub . HelpNet Security . TechXplore .


Demo abstract paper for Vista is accepted to ACM BuildSys 2020. Vista is a tool to author dynamic, spatial, floorplans for overlaying real time sensor data in Buildings. Congrats Tillie (an REU student from Swarthmore!) and Sudershan!


Our VMCAI paper on creating probabilistic stateful models for networks is accepted! Congratulations Han, Arthur and Chi!


Our IMC paper on analyzing the dependecy of the most popular websites on 3rd party DNS, CDN, and OCSP services is accepted! Congratulations Aqsa!


Our journal extension of our BRICK+ paper is accepted to the Frontiers of the Built Environment! Congratulations Gabe, Jason, Shreyas and Charlene!


Our IoT Security/Privacy Labels website includes a Label Generator - check it out. Well done Shreyas and Pardis!


Our paper on ACES, a Reinforcement Learning based approach towards energy harvesting based sensors is accepted to TOSN'20! Congratulations Francesco and Bharath!


Congratulations Dr. Pardis Emami-Naeni on defending your PhD! Awesome job! Pardis joins UW as a Post Doc.


Dr. Jason Koh Graduates with a PhD! Congratulations Jason! Jason joins a Building Metadata related startup.


Our paper on Experts weighing in on the content of IoT Security/Privacy labels is accepted to Oakland S&P 2020. Congratulations Pardis! Our project website is now online at: IoT Security Privacy.


Dohyun presented EduSense at Ubicomp 2019 in London. website is live and Code is on EduSense @ GitHub.


Two papers accepted to ACM BuildSys 2019 . BRICK+, and a systematic study of security and access control in Smart Building Apps. Congratulations Jason, Gabe, Shreyas, Sudershan!


Our Paper on Building the Classroom sensing fabric of the future to smart classrooms -- EduSense -- is accepted to IMWUT/Ubicomp'19. Congratulations Dohyun, Karan, Françeska, and the entire ClassInsight team!


Paper on Encouraging Energy Feedback at Work is accepted to Energy Policy 2019. Congratulations Gabrielle and Josh!


Paper on the Implications of Privacy and Security on IoT Device Purchases accepted to ACM CHI '19. Congratulations Pardis!


Paper on Extracting Knowledge from Smartphone Push Notifications accepted to IEEE BigData '18. Congratulations Yuanchun!


Two papers accepted to ACM IMWUT'18 (Ubicomp'19): Autopurpose and Coconut! Congratulations Haojian and Tianshi!


Project on Building End-to-End support for Privacy in the Internet-of-Things is Awarded! Thank you NSF! (Award: #1801472).


Project on Sensei - Building a Smart Classroom using sensing, computer vision, machine learning is Awarded!Thank you NSF! (Award: #1822813).


Three papers accepted to ACM BuildSys 2018 . Scrabble, Plaster and Pible! Congratulations Jason, Bharath, Francesco!


Our Applied Energy 2018 Collaborative journal paper on BRICK, the metadata schema for Smart Buildings is now online!


Our ASE 2017 paper on Transfer Learning for Performance Modeling of Configurable Systems is now online!


Our Ubicomp 2017 paper on Library Based Privacy Protection using ProtectMyPrivacy is now online!


Our Ubicomp 2017 paper on PrivacyStreams: a new way of developing privacy aware Mobile Apps is now online!