Energy Efficient Computing

Computing devices consume significant amount of energy, and thus energy efficiency is key design driver of devices today whether it be battery backed mobile devices or wall powered PCs, servers and datacenters. We are devising system architectures that enable computers to have new states of operation where they essentially leverage heterogeneous components to “talk while sleep”. Somniloquy and SleepServers are two examples of this design paradigm for PC’s. Similarly, CoolSpots, Cell2Notify are two example systems for energy efficient smartphones. I am interested in applying and extending these concepts further. We are also investigating software and operating system designs that enable energy efficient operation, including being able to detect and mitigate anomalous behavior affecting battery usage on mobile devices. Finally, we have been looking at the human and behavioral aspects of improving energy efficiency. In particular, we are interested in developing and deploying systems that study human behavior and their interactions with computing equipment and exploring interventions that save significant energy at enterprise scales.