Joshua Gluck

Joshua Gluck

About Me[-]

I am a third year PhD student at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I am being advised by Yuvraj Agarwal and Norman Sadeh as part of the SynergyLabs research group. I enjoy working on a wide variety of topics, including parallel systems, big data, privacy, and sustainability. I have a particular interest in SmartBuilding and Efficient Computing research.

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  • J. Gluck, F. Schaub, A. Friedman, H. Habib, N. Sadeh, L. Cranor, Y. Agarwal, SOUPS 2016 Conference Paper
    "How Short is Too Short? Implications of Length and Framing on the Effectiveness of Privacy Notices"[PDF]
  • H. Almuhimedi, F. Schaub, N. Sadeh, I. Adjerid, A. Acquisti, J. Gluck, L. Cranor, Y. Agarwal, CHI 2015 Conference Paper
    "Your Location has been Shared 5,398 Times! A Field Study on Mobile App Privacy Nudging"[PDF]
  • J. Gluck Computer, Science Senior Thesis
    "Fast GPGPU Based Quadtree Construction"[PDF]
  • J. Gluck, A. Danner. Poster Presentation at Sigma Xi 2013
    "A General Purpose Graphics Processing Solution to Quadtree Creation"[PDF]
  • J. Gluck, N. Dykes Poster Presentation presented at Passionate on Parallel at University of Illinois: Parallel Branch and Bound: Applying an Asynchronous Multi-Pool Approach to Cyclic Best First Search [PDF]


  • Semantic Simplication [Python]
    Performed SemEval challenge to automatically parse statements to automatically determine simplicity. (a link will come soon)
  • Charcoal Programming Language [C]
    Benchmark testing and evaluation for efficient implementation of Charcoal, a C dialect designed for automated cooperative threading schemes for interactive/asynchronous applications.
  • Election Analytics@Illinois
    Election prediction project using bayesian probability based on weighted averages of polling data.


  • Carnegie Mellon University - PhD in progress in Computer Science

  • Swarthmore College - B.A. with honors Computer Science and Political Science

  • Rutgers Preparatory School - High School