Yuvraj Agarwal

Associate Professor of Computer Science
School of Computer Science | Software and Societal Systems (S3D)
Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII)
Electrical and Computer Engineeering (Courtesy)
UC San Diego, Computer Science and Engineering (Adjunct)

Room 327, TCS Hall, Carnegie Mellon University
4665 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Office: (412) 268-7328
Email: yuvraj@cs.cmu.edu
Note: SynergyLabs is located in TCS 235 (2nd Floor). Come Visit!

Faculty Assistant: Erin Murray -- erinmurr@andrew.cmu.edu
Erin's Office Phone: (412) 268-8997. Location: TCS Hall 231
Current Courses:

Grad School and Research Advising

I'll post links to pages with useful information on research and graduate school. I benefited from many perspectives when I was in grad school and hope to share the same with everyone else. Please watch this space!

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